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SPAMICs are the incentives and methods I can provide to you to help you sell your home for the highest value in today’s market!


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There are three main areas that define a successful selling experience:

1. Proper PREPARATION in advance

2. Proper PROCESS and tools while marketing

3. Proper PROCEDURE from sale to closing.


There are many things that can be done in advance to help make the selling process a smooth and successful one. I do several unique things that make things easier:


– Research to price your home properly. This is crucial. It can mean thousands more in your pocket. There’s a science to pricing a home and I will help to determine the optimum price to get you the maximum profit in the right amount of time. For details on how this works, click here.


– Properly Photograph your property to have high quality images for all of the marketing. Photos make an important first impression so I invest in a PROFESSIONAL Photographer to make sure our marketing pieces have the best look possible.


Staging your property for sale is also a HUGE advantage over the average competitors home. Professional stagers know exactly how to make the rooms look large, bright and inviting and set a good impression when buyers come to see it in person.


There are many other aspects I take the time to do which make a big difference over the competition and get us the best buyers, offering the most money in the shortest amount of time. Use the contact form here to find out more…


The PROCESS of marketing to sell your property is very important to get the most NET dollars to you at closing. Sometimes NET dollars doesn’t mean highest sale price. We need to look at each offer individually to weigh the pros and cons of all of the terms. As an experienced professional and investor myself, I know how to maximize the profitability of each sale and will help you to do so.


There are many tools I’ve invested in to make marketing more successful. Besides the typical advertising, I’ve invested in this WEBSITE which makes it more possible to expose your property in high quality to thousands of potential buyers.


I create a unique marketing plan for each listing I take to maximize our chances of finding the right buyer with the right circumstances. Contact me NOW to learn what I can do to go above and beyond for you…



The PROCEDURE is equally important as many deals are lost in the financing, paperwork and/or title exchange process. Agreeing to terms with a buyer is just the first step in the process. The goal is to get to closing where you get your proceeds and the buyer gets the keys… and everyone is happy. Along the way, there are many professionals that effect the transaction and I make sure we are surrounded by the best as much as possible.





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    Sarasota County Tax Collector

    (941) 861-8300


    Sarasota County Public Utilities Department



    Sarasota Utilities Department

    (941) 955-2325


    Florida Power & Light Co

    (239) 334-7754



    1-(888) 758-7471


    Manatee County Utilities System

    (941) 792-8811


    Bradenton Utility



    Water Department

    (813) 274-8811


    TECO Energy Inc.

    (813) 223-0800


    North Port Utilities

    (941) 240-8000


    Charlotte County Utilities

    (941) 764-4300


    Florida Title Reps

    Kevin Drake

    (941) 954-7750 X108

    1432 First Street Sarasota Florida 34236


    Peter PIKE

    (941) 312-2580

    2716 Fruitville road Sarasota, florida 34237




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